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Professional Hair Removal Clinic For Men and Women

Laser Hair Removal For Men and Women in Manhattan

STAR LASER NYC uses state of the art technologies to offer precise hair removal treatments for men and women in New York.

Our treatments can be customized to ensure the best results, regardless of your skin type.

One of the Best Hair Removal Techniques on the Market

Shaving only removes unwanted hair on the surface, causing regrown hair to be blunt and appearing thicker with time. Regrowth is also quicker, which requires regular shaving. Waxing will give you smooth skin for an average of three weeks, but is very painful as the process involves ripping the hair at the root.

Laser hair removal makes up for the shortcomings of other techniques. It is ideal for long-term hair removal in all areas of the body and causes no damage to the dermis. STAR LASER NYC specializes in this technique and offers hair removal services to men and women.

Laser is ideal for long-term hair removal

Laser hair removal Manhattan
Laser hair removal New York

Hair Removal for All Types of Skin

STAR LASER NYC employs highly trained and licensed electrologists with extensive knowledge in hair removal for men and women of any skin type.

Furthermore, we use the latest technologies to ensure that our services are of the highest quality. Our employees are experts and have the skills to use the LightSheer® INIFINITY™ equipment. It offers precise and accurate hair removal and is ideal for darker skin types, which are much harder to treat.

We use the latest technologies to ensure that our services are of the highest quality

Areas we treat:

  • Face
  • Chest
  • Buttocks
  • Shoulders
  • Hand and fingers
  • Abdomen
  • Entire neck
  • Upper back
  • Bikini
  • Feet and toes

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